Product information Mezzanine floor

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A mezzanine floor, also called mezzanine platform, mezzanine, platform, first floor, loft or warehouse floor called, is a light and demountable construction that increases the networking area of a building. The floor finish consists of different types of wood or grids. Persons reach the floor by means of a step (35, 45 or 50 degrees). Goods and pallets can be placed on the floor with a forklift. To execute this safely, there are four different pallet handling systems. People on the floor are further protected by placing the open sides’ railings that meet all current European standards.
The image below shows a simplified layout of a mezzanine floor. With our flexible modular system we can supply mezzanine floors for every industry.
B Construction
B1 Floor height
B2 Column distances
B3 Columns
B4 Profiles
B5 Type of beam
B6 Joint column- main beam
B7 Joint main beam- secondary beam
B8 Anti-buckling bar
B9 Installations below the floor
B10 Floor decking
B11 Bracing
B12 Finish edges at building wall
A Loads
A1 Uniformly distributed load
A2 Point loads
A3 Lifting equipment on floor
C Floor accessories
C1 Colour finishes
C2 Staircases
C3 Stair treads
C4 Handrail
C5 Pallet transfer system
C6 Collision safety device
D Work place
D1 Subsurface
D2 Foundation