The process

From idea to realization.

Anera B.V. is the only mezzanine floor manufacturer in Europe, a wholly-owned system with its own unique profiles. With the entire process from design and manufacturing to installation in-house, we can offer our customers the best quality, support and service. Because we are independent from suppliers, we can guarantee all our deliveries, which is unique in the market.

Your project will be supervised by us from application through to final assembly. In the project phase, the project is supported by our sales representatives and engineers.
Below is an overview of the entire process:



After the assignment is granted, if necessary, one of our engineers to visit the project site and surveying the current situation. Next there is a [3D] drawing made, which will be sent for approval to you. If you are completely satisfied with the design, a structural calculation report will be prepared (if necessary). If a building permit is required, we will guide you in this. After approval the production process will start.


Construction Workshop

As a manufacturer of mezzanine floors we have a modern and fully equipped workshop
Components such as columns, stairs, railings and pallet transfer systems are customized produced.

Profile rolling mill

The profile rolling mill is the pride of our company since 2007. This machine is developed in close cooperation with the manufacturer, entirely according to our wishes with the main pillars; speed, capacity and possibilities for future product developments. The profile rolling mill is totally focused on the production of our since 2001 Euro-profile, which is rolled in different thicknesses, heights and variants. The profiles are manufactured by length by the machine and the punching holes can be set variable.

Paint shop

Since 2000 we have our own powder coating street and we can coat steel products to 8 meters in indoor and outdoor quality. All welded parts are coated in the desired RAL colour and packed for transport. It is also possible to coat the Euro Profiles and cleats in colour.

The RAL colours:

  • RAL 5010 (Blue)
  • RAL 7035 (Grey)
  • RAL 7016 (Anthracite)
  • RAL 1007 (Yellow)

In addition to these standard colours, any other RAL colours available on request.



We maintain long-term professional relationships with several transport companies, which enable us to anywhere in Europe to guarantee our supply and delivery times. We also own our own truck with trailer for regional transportation.



We have quick and neat installation teams across Europe They have a lot of product knowledge, resulting in fast, high-quality installations. Because of our modular and lightweight construction system we don’t require heavy equipment for the assembly, but only a small forklift and platforms.

If you have your own installation teams, or if you yourself want to perform the installation, we provide you with installation instructions and drawings together with technical support from our engineers.


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