Environmental permit application

It is possible that you need a building permit for the mezzanine floor. Anera can provide you with an static calculation according to latest current guidelines and building codes. It is imperative that you obtain these from the local community before the steel construction stage is built.


Loads according standards

To determine the load on the mezzanine floor, the value should be used from the Euro Code. The following is an overview of the minimum loads that are listed in the EC1 (Euro Code 1). Note: These are the minimum values according to the standard, but it is possible that a higher load is necessary or a smaller load is sufficient. Therefore the use of the mezzanine floor must always be known and considered. If the mezzanine floor is used for shelving systems, it may be that a higher load is necessary. If the stage is used as a clothing store, a lower load (300kg / m²) is possible. If a lower load used as specified in the standard, the customer must sign a letter that he has taken the reduced maximum load noted.


Table; loads on mezzanine floors to be applied


according to NEN-EN 1991-1-1:2002 / NB: 2007 Table 6.2 & 6.4

2 according to DIN-EN 1991-1-1

3 according to EN 1991-1-1

4 storage means placing pallets with goods / shelving etc.

5 industry means industrial environments with for example conveyor systems.

6 office means: workshops / canteen for persons with for example desks or tables.


Design according to the Dutch Building Regulations 2012

Our floors are designed according to the Dutch Building Regulations (2012). This means that we take into account the minimum clearance above and below the floor, the maximum flight distances and other applicable requirements. Our staircases and handrails meet the applicable European standards.

Structural design according to Eurocode (EN 1990 and EN 1995)

Our mezzanine floors are structurally designed according to the European ‘Euro Code. All our floors are standard designed and calculated in accordance with this standard. A static calculation report, which is required for an environmental permit request, can be supplied by us at an additional cost.

Production according to EN-1090 exc. 2 and ISO 3834-3

Our entire production is EN-1090 certified. This enables us to deliver our mezzanine floors with CE declaration (European mandatory). Our welding department is ISO 3834-3 certified. The European demanded quality for your floor is guaranteed with these standards.


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