Wherever people work, risk situations arise. Good working conditions and work equipment are therefore inextricably linked to modern warehouse management.
Depending on the velocity of circulation in your warehouse, you need to inspect your warehouse at least once a year. This periodic inspection must be carried out by an expert inspector who has experience in the field of storage racks, mezzanine floors and has a constructive background. The periodic / annual inspection will be done accordingly to the EN 15635 – Steel static storage systems – use and maintenance of storage equipment.

A good inspection regime is critical to prevent unsafe and unpleasant situations.
The first safety inspection takes place at the commissioning of the mezzanine. In practice, you as a customer appreciates that we initiate the periodic inspection. 

Our own Anera inspectors perform periodic safety inspection for you. Our inspector checks your mezzanine floor so you can work safely and securely with your mezzanine.
So the risk aspect of the warehouse installation is covered and a safe working environment is ensured.

If you are interested, please contact us.


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